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Pronunciation: (bras, bräs), [key]
— n.
  1. any of various metal alloys consisting mainly of copper and zinc.
  2. a utensil, ornament, or other article made of such an alloy.
    1. Seebrass instrument.
    2. brass instruments collectively in a band or orchestra.
  3. metallic yellow; lemon, amber, or reddish yellow.
    1. high-ranking military officers.
    2. any very important officials.
  4. excessive self-assurance; impudence; effrontery.
  5. a replaceable semicylindrical shell, usually of bronze, used with another such to line a bearing; a half bushing. See diag. under
  6. a memorial tablet or plaque, often incised with an effigy, coat of arms, or the like.
  7. any piece of ornamental or functional hardware, as a drawer pull, made of brass.
  8. money.
  1. of, made of, or pertaining to brass.
  2. composed for or using musical instruments made of brass.
  3. having the color brass.
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