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Pronunciation: (brās), [key]
— n., v., braced, brac•ing.
  1. something that holds parts together or in place, as a clasp or clamp.
  2. anything that imparts rigidity or steadiness.
  3. Also calleda device for holding and turning a bit for boring or drilling.
  4. a piece of timber, metal, etc., for supporting or positioning another piece or portion of a framework.
  5. (on a square-rigged ship) a rope by which a yard is swung about and secured horizontally.
  6. leather loops sliding upon the tightening cords of a drum to change their tension and the drum's pitch.
  7. Often,a round or flat metal wire placed against the surfaces of the teeth for straightening irregularly arranged teeth.
  8. an appliance for supporting a weak joint or joints.
  9. suspender (def. 1).
  10. a pair; couple: a brace of grouse.
    1. one of two characters { or } used to enclose words or lines to be considered together.
    2. bracket (def. 7).
  11. connected staves.
  12. a protective band covering the wrist or lower part of the arm, esp. a bracer.
  13. a position of attention with exaggeratedly stiff posture.
  1. to furnish, fasten, or strengthen with or as if with a brace.
  2. to fix firmly; make steady; secure against pressure or impact: He braces himself when the ship rolls. Brace yourself for some bad news.
  3. to make tight; increase the tension of.
  4. to act as a stimulant to.
  5. to swing or turn around (the yards of a ship) by means of the braces.
  6. to order (a subordinate) to assume and maintain a brace.
  1. to assume a brace.
  2. to brace (the yards of a square-rigged vessel) more nearly athwartships, as for running free.
  3. to summon up one's courage; become resolute: She choked back her tears and braced up.
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