Meaning of benzoin


Pronunciation: (ben'zō-in, -zoin, ben-zō'in), [key]
— n.
  1. a reddish-brown, aromatic balsamic resin occurring in almondlike fragments and having a vanillalike odor, obtained from trees of the genus Styrax, esp. S. benzoin, of Java, Sumatra, etc.: used in the manufacture of perfume and cosmetics and in medicine internally as an expectorant and externally as an antiseptic.
  2. Also calledany plant belonging to the genus Lindera (Benzoin), of the laurel family, including the spicebush and similar aromatic plants.


Pronunciation: (ben'zō-in, -zoin, ben-zō'in), [key]
— n. Chem.
  1. a white, slightly water-soluble powder, CHO, derived by the condensation of benzaldehyde in the presence of potassium cyanide, and used in organic synthesis.
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