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Pronunciation: (ben'u-fit), [key]
— n., v., -fit•ed, -fit•ing.
  1. something that is advantageous or good; an advantage: He explained the benefits of public ownership of the postal system.
  2. a payment or gift, as one made to help someone or given by a benefit society, insurance company, or public agency: The company offers its employees a pension plan, free health insurance, and other benefits.
  3. a theatrical performance or other public entertainment to raise money for a charitable organization or cause.
  4. an act of kindness; good deed; benefaction.
  5. so as to produce a desired effect in another's mind: He wasn't really angry; that was just an act for his girlfriend's benefit.
  1. to do good to; be of service to: a health program to benefit everyone.
  1. to derive benefit or advantage; profit; make improvement: He has never benefited from all that experience.
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