Meaning of beaver


Pronunciation: (bē'vur), [key]
— n., pl. v. -vers, -ver
  1. a large, amphibious rodent of the genus Castor, having sharp incisors, webbed hind feet, and a flattened tail, noted for its ability to dam streams with trees, branches, etc.
  2. the fur of this animal.
  3. a flat, round hat made of beaver fur or a similar fabric.
  4. a tall, cylindrical hat for men, formerly made of beaver and now of a fabric simulating this fur. Cf. opera hat, silk hat, top hat.
  5. a full beard or a man wearing one.
  6. an exceptionally active or hard-working person.
  7. .
    1. a woman's pubic area.
    2. Offensive.a woman.
    1. a cotton cloth with a thick nap, used chiefly in the manufacture of work clothes.
    2. (formerly) a heavy, soft, woolen cloth with a thick nap, made to resemble beaver fur.
  8. (cap.) a native or inhabitant of Oregon, the Beaver State (used as a nickname).
  1. to work very hard or industriously at something (usually fol. by away).


Pronunciation: (bē'vur), [key]
— n. Armor.
  1. a piece of plate armor for covering the lower part of the face and throat, worn esp. with an open helmet, as a sallet or basinet. Cf. buffe, wrapper (def. 7).
  2. a piece of plate armor, pivoted at the sides, forming part of a close helmet below the visor or ventail. See diag. under
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