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Pronunciation: (bās), [key]
  1. low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range: a bass voice; a bass instrument.
  2. of or pertaining to the lowest part in harmonic music.
  1. the bass part.
  2. a bass voice, singer, or instrument.
  3. See


Pronunciation: (bas), [key]
— pl. bass, bass•es.
  1. any of numerous edible, spiny-finned, freshwater or marine fishes of the families Serranidae and Centrarchidae.
  2. (originally) the European perch, Perca fluviatilis.


Pronunciation: (bas), [key]
  1. the basswood or linden.
  2. bast.


Pronunciation: (bas), [key]
  1. 1851–78, U.S. outlaw: bank and train robber in the West.
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