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Pronunciation: (bal'ut), [key]
— n., v., -lot•ed, -lot•ing.
  1. a slip or sheet of paper, cardboard, or the like, on which a voter marks his or her vote.
  2. the method of secret voting by means of printed or written ballots or by means of voting machines.
  3. voting in general, or a round of voting: Our candidate was defeated on the third ballot.
  4. the list of candidates to be voted on: They succeeded in getting her name placed on the ballot.
  5. the right to vote: to gain the ballot after years of struggle.
  6. the whole number of votes cast or recorded.
  7. a system or the practice of drawing lots: The assassin would be chosen by ballot.
  8. (formerly) a little ball used in voting.
  1. to vote by ballot: to ballot against a candidate.
  2. to draw lots: to ballot for places.
  1. to canvass or solicit (a group, membership, etc.) for votes: Members were balloted on the resolution.
  2. to select, esp. for military service, by ballot: Certain age groups will not be balloted at this time.
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