among: Meaning and Definition of


Pronunciation: (u-mung'), [key]
— prep.
  1. in, into, or through the midst of; in association or connection with; surrounded by: He was among friends.
  2. in the midst of, so as to influence: missionary work among the local people.
  3. with a share for each of: Divide the cigars among you.
  4. in the number, class, or group of; of or out of: That is among the things we must do.
  5. by all or with the whole of; by most or with many of: popular among the people.
  6. by the joint or reciprocal action of: Settle it among yourselves.
  7. each with the other; mutually: They quarreled among themselves.
  8. familiar to or characteristic of: a proverb among the Spanish.
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