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It's a busy world out there, so that’s why we’ve boiled it all down to our top stories for each week of September 2023.

We collect current events of the week starting and ending on a Friday, so make sure you check back at the end of every week to keep up-to-date on what's happening in the world and the U.S., including politics, disasters, science & technology, and military actions.

  1. Our Top Stories for the Week of August 25, 2023
  2. Our Top Stories for the Week of September 1, 2023
  3. Our Top Stories for the Week of September 22, 2023

Our Top Stories for the Week of August 25, 2023

It’s been a busy week, from coup plots across Africa to a disease breakout in Poland. Who has time to keep track of it all? That’s why we’ve boiled it all down to our top stories of the week.


African Politics

Population growth

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  • Niger Expels French Ambassador: On Friday, August 25, 2023, the French ambassador was given 48 hours to depart Niger by the coup leaders due to the ongoing deterioration of the two countries' bilateral relations. The Junta verified Sylvain Itte's refusal to attend a meeting with the Nigeran foreign minister.  Gen Abdourahamane Tchiani, the coup's commander, declared last week that he would hand back government control to the civilians in three years.[1]

  • Zimbabwe Re-Elects Mnangagwa: On Saturday, August 26, 2023, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, was declared the winner of the country's presidential elections on Saturday after earning an absolute majority in a tight presidential battle. President Emmerson Mnangagwa was proclaimed the winner with 2,350,711 votes, 52.6%. Nelson Chamisa came in second place with 44% of the vote. Zimbabwean police detained up to 40 poll monitors for allegedly coordinating the release of results before the final tally of ballots.[2]

  • Gabon Falls Under Military Rule After Coup: On Wednesday, August 30, 2023, military officers in Gabon stated that they would succeed the country's president, Ali Bongo, threatening the family's half-century dominance. They stated that the present has been placed under home arrest. The declaration has sparked jubilation and allegations of gunfire on the city streets. The junta also stated that investigations into the President's son, imprisoned with six other people for high treason, will begin.[3]

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Violence & Disaster

System hacked warning alert

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  • Gang Members Open Fire On Church Protesters: On Sunday, August 27, 2023, according to rights groups, at least seven people were killed as a gang opened fire on a church-led protest in a suburb of Haiti's capital. When a local gang opened fire with machine guns, a Christian church leader gathered hundreds of people to condemn gang brutality. The number of persons injured has not been confirmed, and ten more people are suspected to have been taken.[1]

  • Culprits Of Iraq Bombing Hanged To Death: On Monday, August 28, 2023, three persons were hanged in Iraq for their roles in a car bombing that killed over 300 people during Ramadan in 2016, making it the deadliest single bombing in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003. The execution was confirmed by Iraq's Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, although the offenders were not named. He told the victims' relatives that the three principal culprits involved in the terrorist bombing had received the appropriate penalty.[2]

  • UNC Faculty Member Killed On Campus: On Monday, August 28, 2023, the University of North Carolina confirmed the death of a faculty member following gun violence in a campus facility. The school has warned kids to seek shelter indoors and avoid windows. Over 50 police vehicles and helicopters were observed at the location. Kevin Guskiewicz, the chancellor, acknowledged his sorrow and promised to rebuild confidence. Classes and campus events for Monday and Tuesday have been canceled.[3]

  • Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak In Poland: On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, a Legionnaires' disease outbreak has killed 14 people and resulted in more than 150 confirmed cases in Poland. The sickness, which is spread by inhaling contaminated water, is not contagious. Following the results of preliminary tests, authorities added chlorine to the municipal water supply system and urged residents to boil their water before consumption.[4]

  • Fire Outbreak In Johannesburg: On Thursday, August 31, 2023, a five-story building in Johannesburg that housed approximately 400 people caught fire, killing 74 people. As a security precaution, the facility, which houses impoverished economic migrants and asylum seekers, was locked, forcing most occupants to break through windows. Even though the City of Johannesburg owned the land, it was not actively administered or maintained, with occupants paying rent to a syndicate.[5]

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  • Texas Judge Blocks Ban On Gender Affirming Care: On Saturday, August 26, 2023, a Texas judge banned a Republican-backed measure that would not allow transgender adolescents to get gender-affirming care such as puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery. Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court, allowing the bill to go into force pending the case's outcome. The ruling is regarded as a win for transgender youth and their families.[1]

  • Whitehouse Names 10 Drugs For Price Negotiations: On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, President Biden's administration announced a list of ten prescription drugs that will be subject to price negotiations by the U.S. Medicare health program for the first time. Based on the Inflation Reduction Act, the decision authorizes Medicare to bargain for expensive pharmaceuticals. Negotiations for these pharmaceuticals will begin in 2026, to save $25 billion on prescription prices annually by 2031.[2]

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Our Top Stories for the Week of September 1, 2023

It’s been a busy week, from airstrikes in Sudan to flooding in Hong Kong. Who has time to keep track of it all? That’s why we’ve boiled it all down to our top stories of the week.


U.S. Court Rulings

American Justice

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  • Voting Map Struck Down In Florida: On Sunday, September 3, 2023, a Florida judge decided against Governor DeSantis in a case filed over a congressional redistricting map approved by the governor in 2022. The case was launched by a civil rights organization that claimed the map diluted political power in Black areas. The court's decision is the latest in the South to oppose Republican-drawn congressional districts, citing fears that redistricting decreases Black voting power.[1]

  • Court Orders Removal Of Buoys From Rio Grande River: On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, a federal judge in the United States ordered Texas to relocate a row of screaming buoys in the middle of the Rio Grande. The buoys were deployed to prevent migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the president has been too lax with border security, even though scores of migrants have been arrested after crossing the border in recent years.[2]

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Healthcare News

Medical symbols

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  • The U.S. First Lady Tests Positive For Covid: On Tuesday, September 4, 2023, the White House reported that Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, tested positive for COVID-19, just days before the president, Joe Biden, is scheduled to fly to India for a Group of 20 summit. Elizabeth Alexander, the First Lady's communications director, announced that Jill Biden tested positive for the virus and will remain at their residence in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Following that, the President was tested, but he confirmed negative for the virus.[1]

  • Abortion Decriminalized In Mexico: On Thursday, September 7, 2023, the Mexican Supreme Court found unanimously that state laws prohibiting abortion are unconstitutional and violate women's rights. The decision comes two years after the court ordered the northern state of Coahuila to abolish abortion-related penalties from its penal code. The ruling of the Court is a significant victory for a reproductive rights organization situated in Mexico City.[2]

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Fatal Incidents

Fatal collision

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  • Algerian Coast Guards Kill Jet Skier: On Friday, September 1, 2023, according to a French diplomatic source, a French Moroccan was killed and another was arrested by Algerian police as a result of an incident off the coast of Algeria. One of the family members who witnessed the incident reported that Algerian authorities shot two guys dead and arrested another. Algeria and Morocco have a hostile relationship because of Morocco's claim to Western Sahara and Algeria's support for the Polisario Front, an armed group seeking regional independence.[1]

  • Air Strike Kills 20 People In Sudan: On Sunday, September 3, 2023, at least 20 people were murdered in Sudan's capital following an army air strike. Since April, the army, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have been fighting for the country of Khartoum. Hundreds of people have been slain. The army has used artillery and air strikes to evict the paramilitary fighters.[2]

  • 17 People Dead Following Attack In Ukraine: On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, condemned the attack, calling it a planned attack on the peaceful city of Kostyantynivka. The President, who blamed Moscow for the incident, stated that those murdered in the blast did nothing wrong and warned that the death toll would surely rise. It is estimated that 33 people were hurt. The most recent onslaught on Ukrainian civilians is one of the worst since the spring.[3]

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In Other News

Public Live Event Television Coverage

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  • India Launches Mission To Study The Sun: On Saturday, September 2, 2023, a week after the country's successful unmanned moon landing, India launched its maiden mission to the Sun. The Aditya-L1 spacecraft was launched shortly before lunchtime. If the mission is successful, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will be the first Asian nation to place a satellite in orbit around the sun. The mission's goal is to carry scientific instruments to observe the sun's outermost layers for four months.[1]

  • China Bans iPhones: On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, to lessen reliance on foreign products, China has prohibited iPhone use among its government employees. This action resulted in a large decline in Apple stock, which slumped 3.6%. The ban could be in response to similar US limitations on Chinese technologies, such as Huawei and ZTE, as well as TikTok. Apple has a significant market and manufacturing presence in China.[2]

  • Flood In Hong Kong: On Friday, September 8, 2023, Hong Kong had 158.1 mm of rain in one hour, causing widespread flooding and interruptions to rail and road traffic. After a station in Wong Tai Sin was inundated, the city's Mass Transit Railway briefly suspended service. Shenzhen, China, also had heavy rain. Officials in Hong Kong are ready to dump water from reservoirs.[3]

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Our Top Stories for the Week of September 22, 2023

It’s been a busy week from Plane Crash in the Amazon Forest to New Developments on Trump’s Trial; who has time to keep track of it all? That’s why we’ve boiled it all down to our top stories of the week.


Foreign Policies

Flags of the world

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  • French Ambassador Held Captive In Niger: On Friday, September 15, 2023, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that hostages are being held at the French embassy in Niamey, including the French ambassador to Niger and other French diplomats. Macron said that the ambassadors are eating military rations since food has not been given. Former President Mohamed Bazoum has been in touch with him, and their possible return to power is up to him to decide. [1]

  • Canada-India Relationship Sour Over Death Of Sikh Leader: On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his claim that India was complicit in the June shooting and killing of Sikh independence campaigner Hardeep Singh Niijar in Surrey, British Columbia. Pavan Kumar Rai, the highest-ranking member of India's foreign intelligence agency in Canada, was subsequently expelled by the Canadian government. The Indian government replied by demanding that a senior Canadian official leave the country within five days. [2]

  • Iran Introduces New Hijab Bill: On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Iran's Parliament passed legislation raising prison sentences and fines for women and girls who violate the country's strict dress code. The law, known as the "Hijab and Chastity Bill," would sentence people caught inappropriately clothing in public places to up to ten years in prison. However, the bill must be approved by the Guardian Council to become law. [3]

Sources: [1] CNN [2] The Guardian [3] BBC 


The U.S. Court

American flag flying over courthouse

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  • Judge Halts Trump’s Trial: On Friday, September 15, 2023, a New York state appeals judge suspended a fraud trial against Donald Trump and his family firm. The injunction was issued after Trump filed a lawsuit against the trial judge and James for violating a court order. The Attorney General is requesting a $250 million punishment and the removal of Trump and his sons from the family firm. [1]

  • Court Blocks California Bill On Children: On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, A federal judge ruled that California cannot enforce a law designed to safeguard children from content on the internet. The judge, Beth Labson Freeman, ruled that the law's prohibitions on commercial speech were likely to violate the First Amendment. The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which was passed in September, compels platforms to analyze the potential harm to minors in their material. Rob Bonta, the Attorney General of California, expressed dismay and vowed to respond in court. [2]

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Fatal Events


Photo Source: Getty Images

  • 14 Dead In Amazon Plane Crash: On Saturday, September 16, 2023, A plane crash in the Brazilian Amazon claimed 14 lives. The propeller plane went down as it approached the end of its 400-kilometer voyage between Manaus and the rainforest town of Barcelos. Vinicius Almeida, the state security secretary, said the plane crashed after running out of runway in severe weather and little visibility. The jet's owner, Embracer, certified that the plane and crew met all standards.[1]

  • Day-Care Under Investigation Following Children's Hospitalization: On Saturday, September 16, 2023, after a cardiac arrest at a daycare center in New York City, a one-year-old boy died and three other children were hospitalized. Police discovered illegal drug production equipment at the Bronx daycare. The cause of death and hospitalization is under investigation. A search warrant was obtained, and the daycare was searched, discovering a kilo press, a device used by drug dealers to package massive quantities of drugs. [2]

  • 20 People Dead In Traffic Head-On Collision: On Monday, September 18, 2023, At least 20 people were killed in South Africa's Limpopo Province after a bus collided with a vehicle, culminating in a head-on accident. The vast majority of those killed were mine workers. The Department of Transportation reported 20 deaths on the spot, with two more dying later at the hospital. The mine miners’ employers, Murray, and Roberts confirmed 18 deaths. South Africa's largest diamond producer is the Venetia mine. [3]

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