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Top events for the nation and the world in 2017

Cyclone Dineo
Cyclone Dineo Destroys 20,000 Homes in Mozambique
Cyclone Dineo
On Feb. 17, officials assessed the damages caused by Tropical Cyclone Dineo in the coastal province of Inhambane, Mozambique. The storm hit the week prior, and moved inland. The final estimate places the damages at seven casualties, and 20,000 homes destroyed. The destruction has led to upwards of 130,000 people being made homeless. Mozambique frequently experiences severe floods, but this is some of the worst in recent years. (Newsweek)
Photo source: AP Photo/Theana Breugem-Foto24 , File
Drought in Somalia
At Least 110 Die in Drought-hit Region of Bay, Somalia
Drought in Somalia
On March 4, the prime minister of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre, announced that 110 people in the Bay region have died of starvation within the last two days. The news arrives amidst widespread concerns about the risk of famine in the country. Aid agencies suggest that over five million may be affected, with droughts compounding the danger. (CNN)
AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File
Flooding in Peru
Heavy Flooding in Peru Kills 67 and Drives Out Thousands
Flooding in Peru
On March 14, Peru experienced sudden and unexpected rains, which lasted for three days. The inundation caused flooding across the coast, which in turn lead to numerous mudslides. Much of the country's infrastructure was destroyed, and 115,000 homes were damaged. At least 67 people were reported to have been killed. Locals criticized the government's lack of preparation for such climate conditions, and urged the state to take more action on environmental issues. In April, the country asked for international aid in order to cope with the damages. Peru's president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, announced in April that he expects the relief effort to cost an estimated $9 billion over the next five years. (The Guardian/Reuters)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Martin Mejia
Disasters in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Experiences a Cyclone and a Landslide
Cyclone in Bangladesh
On May 30, municipal police forces evacuated more than 300,000 people as Cyclone Mora approached. The storm arrived the following day, causing an immense destruction of property. Over 500,000 people were forced to leave their homes, including tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees who came fleeing persecution in Myanmar. The next month, on June 13, heavy rain in Bangladesh caused landslides across the country. The monsoons and landslides caused over a total of 150 deaths. (BBC)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Marco Ugarte, File
Cholera Outbreak
Cholera Outbreak in Yemen Passes 200,000 Cases
Cholera Outbreak
On June 24, the cholera outbreak in Yemen officially passed 200,000 confirmed cases, with around 5,000 more cases each day. As of December, it had been reported that over 1 million people in Yemen have contracted Cholera. The death toll is estimated to be over 2,000. (Associated Press/The Washington Post)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Hani Mohammed, File
Heavy Rains in India
Heavy Rains Result in At Least 300 Deaths Across Northern India
Heavy Rain in India
On July 30, after a month of severe rain and wind battering the country, Northeast India and Gujarat (the easternmost and westernmost regions of India respectively) combined saw upwards of 300 deaths due to widespread flooding. Regional relief efforts were bolstered on a national level by the Indian Army, which helped move people from the affected areas. (Times of India)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Ajit Solanki
Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas
Hurricane Harvey
On August 24, tropical depression Harvey was reclassified as a Category 3 Hurricane. The state of Texas issued flood warnings and weather advisories. The storm hit the coast of Texas, bringing with it extensive flooding and dangerous high-speed winds. The greater Houston area and surrounding countryside were the worst hit. Months later, the community still attempted to rebuild. In October, it was reported that inmates from facilities all over Texas joined their commissary funds, raising $53,000 for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Along with monetary support, inmates have reportedly joined forces with officials to repair the facilities damaged by the devastating flooding. It is estimated that the storm killed over 80 people and Texas's governor has asked for $125 billion worth of aid in order to rebuild the affected areas. (CNN/Fox News)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay
Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma Hits
Hurricane Irma
On September 1, Hurricane Irma first reached Category 2 as it approached the Leeward Islands. The hurricane eventually reached Category 4, going on to become the greatest Atlantic hurricane to pass beyond the Caribbean. The storm caused widespread devastation across several Caribbean countries, prompting housing crises and food shortages. Irma hit Southeast Florida on September 6, causing several million to lose power. (CNN)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Tatiana Fernandez
Earthquake in Mexico
250 Dead After Earthquake in Mexico
Earthquake in Mexico
On September 7, an 8.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Mexico, near the Chiapas region. Tremors were felt for several hundred miles. The Mexican armed forces were dispatched to begin searching for survivors or casualties within the rubble of collapsed structures, and aid workers provided medication to those who left prescriptions in their destroyed homes. On September 19, at least 250 people were reported dead. Mexico’s President—Enrique Pen֮a Nieto—has called a “new national emergency” in light of this tragedy, and Mexico dedicated three days of mourning. (CNN)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell
Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico Devastated by Hurricane Maria
Hurricane Maria
Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, devastating the country. In early October, Karixia Ortiz—the country’s spokesperson—announced that the death toll had risen to 45, with another 113 people remain missing. Later, it was announced that the death toll is expected to be 66. Still recovering from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico suffered another disaster on Monday, October 16. A river outside San Juan turned into a mudslide as it began to pick up remains from Hurricane Maria. The mudslide was so powerful, it destroyed a bridge in nearby Guaynabo neighborhood, destroying many residents’ belongings, which had originally survived the hurricane. On November 2, President Trump agreed to increase the amount of aid given to Puerto Rico after devastating damage due to Hurricane Maria. This new agreement has increased FEMA’s coverage from 75% to 90%. (CNN/Reuters)
Photo Source: AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa
California Wildfires
Wildfires in California Continue for Months
California Wildfire
Various wildfires began to blaze in California, starting in early October. On October 12, 2017, the death toll was estimated to be 23, while another 285 people were still labeled as missing. Expected to worsen, California has evacuated over 20,000 residents. On October 19, the California Department of Insurance released an estimate of insured wildfire losses to be $1.5 billion, a number likely to rise. The death toll had also risen, reaching 42 casualties due to the flames. Another thousands of lives were uprooted, as people fled their California homes on December 5. As of December, wildfires in the state of California have destroyed more than 1,000 structures. The Thomas fire, which has affected more than 230,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, is now the fifth largest wildfire in modern California history. An estimated $10 billion worth of damage has been reported and over 1,000 firefighters are attempting to extinguish the remaining flames. (CNN)
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
Deadliest Earthquake of 2017
2017’s Deadliest Earthquake hits Iraq and Iran
Deadliest Earthquake of 2017
On November 12, both Iran and Iraq were struck by a deadly earthquake that left over 500 people dead and thousands more injured. The earthquake was recorded to be a magnitude of 7.3. (CNN)
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

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