June 2012 Current Events: U.S. News

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

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Here are the key events in United States news for the month of June 2012.

  • Scott Walker Wins Recall Election in Wisconsin (June 5): Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker easily wins a recall election against his 2010 opponent, Tom Barrett. Receiving 53 percent of the vote, Walker becomes the first governor in U.S. history to win a recall election. The win is a huge loss for Democrats and labor unions. Walker has been in the national spotlight since he took office in January 2011 for his ongoing battle with unions over his plan to trim the state budget by decreasing collective bargaining rights and benefits for public workers.

  • Giffords's Chosen Successor Wins Special Election (June 12): One of Gabrielle Giffords's top aides, Ron Barber, wins a special election to replace her in Congress. Also wounded in the 2011 shooting and Giffords's choice to succeed her, Barber defeats Republican rival Jesse Kelly. In the closely watched special election, Barber receives 52.2 percent of the vote to Kelly's 45.5 percent.

  • Miami Beats Oklahoma City for NBA Title (June 21): The Miami Heat win their second NBA championship in franchise history, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder 121–106 in Game 5. The win is the first championship for NBA star LeBron James. It is the second championship for Dwyane Wade.

  • Supreme Court Reaches Landmark Decision on Arizona's Immigration Law (June 25): The United States Supreme Court rules against all but one provision in Arizona's 2010 immigration law. The court finds that several provisions conflict with federal laws, including making arrests without warrants. The one provision the Supreme Court upholds is the one which allows the Arizona police to check the immigration status for any person they arrest. The decision is seen as a partial victory for the Obama administration which had sued to block the law.

  • Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Individual Health Care Mandate (June 28): The Supreme Court upholds the individual mandate in President Obama's health care law. The ruling is a victory for President Obama and a loss for the twenty six states that sued over the individual mandate, which requires that individuals buy health insurance by 2014 or face a fine. The Supreme Court rules to uphold the individual mandate as a tax.

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