January 2011 Current Events: U.S. News

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

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Here are the key events in United States news for the month of January 2011.

  • Robert Gibbs Stepping Down as Press Secretary (Jan. 5): Robert Gibbs, the press secretary in the Obama Administration, is stepping down from his post. He will become an outside political advisor for President Obama for his re-election campaign.

  • William Daley Appointed New White House Chief of Staff (Jan. 6): President Obama chooses JPMorgan Chase top executive William Daley to be his new chief of staff, replacing Rahm Emanuel, who stepped down from the position in October 2010.

  • Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Among 17 Shot in Assassination Attempt, Six Killed (Jan. 8): Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords is shot in an assassination attempt in Arizona. She is among at least 17 shot by a gunman who opened fire on the congresswoman's constituent meeting outside a local grocery store. Six people are fatally wounded, including United States District Court Judge John Roll, and a young girl. The gunman, who police identify as Jared Lee Loughner, is apprehended and remains in police custody. Rep. Giffords, who was shot in the head, is hospitalized and in critical condition. (Jan. 9): Loughner is charged with five federal counts for the Arizona shooting spree, including attempted assasination of a member of Congress. Rep. Giffords is still in critical condition, though her doctors are optimistic about her recovery. Authorities believe Loughner acted alone.

  • Auburn Beats Oregon 22–19 in National Championship Game (Jan. 10): No. 1-ranked Auburn University beats No. 2-ranked University of Oregon 22-to-19 in college football's Bowl Championship Series. This is Auburn's first national championship title since 1967.

  • Republican National Committee Chooses New Chairman (Jan. 14): The Republican National Committee chooses a new chairman, Reince Priebus, to lead the political party. Among other campaign promises, Priebus vows to reduce the $21 million debt the Committee currently holds. Priebus succeeds Michael Steele, who has led the G.O.P. since 2009.

  • In Mob Sweep, F.B.I. and Police Arrest Over 100 (Jan. 20): The F.B.I. and local police arrest around 125 suspected mobsters among seven families in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Charges included murder, racketeering, and extortion

  • President Obama Announces Budget Cuts, Freezes (Jan. 25): In his State of the Union Address, President Obama announces his intention to reduce the federal deficit by $400 billion over 10 years. His plan for enacting this dramatic reduction includes budget cuts and freezes, including a spending freeze on many domestic programs, and a focus on other programs, such as education and clean-energy technology.

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