November 2010 Current Events: Disasters & Science News

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

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Here are the key events in Science and Disasters news for the month of November 2010.

  • CT Scans Help Prevent Lung Cancer, Study Finds (Nov. 4): A government-financed study finds that current smokers and formerly heavy smokers who receive an annual CT scan of their lungs reduce their risk of dying from lung cancer by 20%. The scans also seem to reduce the risk of dying from other illnesses as well, because other conditions can be detected via the scans. About 157,000 people are expected to die from lung cancer this year.

  • Cambodian Stampede Kills At Least 300 (Nov. 22): At least 300 people are killed and hundreds more injured in a stampede during Cambodia's annual water festival. The stampede reportedly occured after people panicked when a densely crowded bridge began to sway.

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