Year in Review, 2009

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2009 Year in Review

Top events for the nation and the world

News and Analysis

  • News of the Nation
    President Obama's First Year • Same-Sex Marriage on Ballots, Minds of Americans • Violence and Tragedy at a U.S. Army Post • Supreme Court Milestone: First Hispanic Justice • An Economy in Turmoil Shows Improvement by Year's End • DNA Test Not a Right, Supreme Court Rules • Health-Care Reform Takes Center Stage in Congress
  • News of the World
    Presidential Election Marred by Fraud in Afghanistan • President of Honduras Overthrown in Coup • Opposition Protests Presidential Election in Iran • U.S. Diminishes Its Role in Iraq • Peace Remains Elusive for Israelis and Palestinians • Taliban Gains Strength in Pakistan
  • Science News 2009
    Cancer Screening Recommendations Caused Uproar • U.S. and Much of the World Gripped by the Threat of H1N1 • The Large Hadron Collider Broke Records • Fossilized Specimans in Human Evolution Discovered, Refuted • Water Found on the Moon
  • News: Month by Month
    Detailed chronology of the news each month, covering national and international events
  • Iraq Conflict Timeline 2009
    U.S. Military Relinquished Control of the Green Zone • U.S. Troops Withdrew from Large Cities • Massive Suicide Bombs Continued


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