June 2001 News and Events

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  • Blast Kills 17 in Tel Aviv (June 1): Dozens injured in powerful blast by suicide bomber outside crowded disco. Most deadly attack since Israeli-Palestinian violence began last fall.
  • Peru Elects New President (June 3): Alejandro Toledo, who ran for the office last year, defeats former president Alan Garca.
  • Former Argentine President Arrested (June 7): Carlos Sal Menem detained by judge investigating conspiracy to smuggle arms to Croatia and Ecuador.
  • British Labor Party Wins Election (June 8): Prime Minister Tony Blair hands once-dominant Conservatives second major defeat. Win marks Labor's first reelection to full term in office.
  • Irish Voters Reject European Union Expansion (June 8): Oppose treaty designed to admit 12 new members, mostly former Communist countries.
  • Iran's President Reelected (June 9): Mohammad Khatami draws sweeping support for his drive toward greater democracy and social freedom.
  • Bush Visits Europe on First Overseas Trip (June 12): In Madrid, president promotes plan to build missile defense shield, terming 1972 arms treaty obsolete.
  • Mideast Foes Accept U.S. Cease-Fire Plan (June 13): Israel and Palestinians agree on plan after six days of mediation by CIA director George Tenet.
  • Putin Warns of Arms Buildup (June 18): Russian president says that if U.S. constructs own missile defense system, Russia would upgrade its strategic nuclear arsenal with multiple warheads.
  • Syria Evacuates Beirut Area (June 19): In six days withdraws 6,000 troops. Action ends decades of military presence loathed by Lebanese Christians.
  • Compensation Begins for Nazi-Era Slave Labor (June 19): Thousands receive payment from $4.5 billion German fund after years of legal squabbles and delays.
  • U.S. Indicts 14 in 1996 Saudi Blast (June 21): Charges 13 Saudis and one Lebanese man with truck bombing that killed 19 American airmen and wounded nearly 400 at Khobar Towers apartments.
  • Factions Clash in Northern Ireland (June 21): Roman Catholics and Protestants fight in Belfast for second consecutive night. (June 22): Peace talks falter and power-sharing government on brink of collapse.
  • Macedonians Attack Albanian Rebels (June 22): Launch heavy offensive just north of Skopje. Action breaks fragile cease-fire.
  • Pope on Five Day Mission to Ukraine (June 23, et seq.): Seeks to end schism with Orthodox Church. At Babi Yar John Paul II recites prayer for dead at memorial to victims of Nazis. (June 27): At Lviv Pontiff praises Greek Catholics persecuted under Soviet regime and beatifies 28 to become saints.
  • Yugoslav Cabinet Backs Hague Trial for Milosevic (June 23): Commits to send former president to United Nations tribunal to face charges of war crimes.
  • Former Peru Spy Chief Captured (June 24): Vladimiro Montesinos seized in Venezuela. Longtime CIA agent accused of gun running, money laundering, and collaborating with drug traffickers.
  • Bush and Sharon Disagree on Mideast (June 26): In White House meeting, leaders of U.S. and Israel divided on steps to end violence.
  • UN Maps Battle Against AIDS (June 27): General Assembly ends three-day special session by outlining strategy. Views epidemic as political, human rights, and economic threat. Calls on nations and private industry to provide billions to pay for fight against pandemic.
  • Milosevic Delivered to UN (June 29): Former Yugoslav president imprisoned at Hague to await war-crimes trial on charges involving blame for starting four Balkan wars and isolating and ravaging his country.
  • UN Head Begins Second Term (June 29): Kofi Annan reelected secretary-general by 189 member countries.


  • Democrats Take Control of Senate (June 5): First time in history that balance of power shifts because of a senator's switch in party affiliation.
  • Bush Signs New Tax Law (June 7): President approves legislation in White House ceremony. Politicians quickly begin to discuss possible revisions.
  • Senate Votes for Annual School Testing (June 14): Bill, passed overwhelmingly, calls for annual testing and will penalize schools that do not improve.
  • Navy Resumes Vieques Bombing (June 18): Jet fighters return to disputed Puerto Rico island after arrest of several protesters against military maneuvers.
  • Affirmative Action Foe Nominated (June 26): Administration picks Gerald A. Reynolds, a lawyer, to head education department's Office of Civil Rights.
  • Supreme Court Concludes Term (June 28): Adjourns after important 5?4 decisions on immigration, advertising, and rights of property owners.
  • Senate Passes Patients' Rights Bill (June 29): Approves, 59?36, measure to establish wide range of standards for millions with health insurance. Nine Republicans join 50 Democrats to defy veto threat.
  • Vice President Gets Pacemaker (June 30): Doctors place pacemaker and defibrillator to remedy Cheney's abnormal heart rate. Patient returns home within hours. It is Cheney's third major heart procedure since his election.


  • Global Warming Reported on Rise (June 6): Report by National Academy of Sciences reaffirms mainstream view that human activity is largely responsible.
  • Smoker Wins Record Award (June 6): Los Angeles jury levies more than $3 billion damages against Philip Morris tobacco company in suit brought by man who said he had smoked Marlboro cigarettes 40 years.
  • Study Finds Heart Rejuvenates Cells (June 8): Experts report that some muscle regrowth in humans can follow a heart attack. Findings rebut old dogma.
  • Tropical Storm Batters Two States (June 10): Heavy toll of deaths and damage recorded in Texas and Louisiana.
  • Oklahoma City Bomber Dies (June 11): Timothy J. McVeigh executed in Indiana federal prison for deaths of 168 persons on April 19, 1995. He dies by lethal injection without word of regret.
  • Bridge Collapse Kills 59 in India (June 22): Passenger train plunges into Kadalundi River in Kerala state after 120-year-old span gives way.
  • Fed Cuts Interest Rate Sixth Time in Year (June 27): Reserve decrees quarter point reduction.
  • Microsoft Breakup Overruled (June 28): U.S. Appeals Court voids lower court's order, but finds that corporation had abused monopoly power in software business. District judge, Thomas Penfield Jackson, is rebuked.

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