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Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
1998 in Review
by Gerry Brown, John Gettings, & Mike Morrison

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We may never see a year in sports like 1998 again. It started early with John Elway's long-awaited Super Bowl victory, continued through the Winter Olympics, the NCAA Tournaments, the World Cup and of course, the entire baseball season highlighted by the Maris home run chase. It was chock full of mega teams like the Yankees, Red Wings and Lady Vols and mega stars like Jordan, McGwire and Sosa. So relive the year that was with Information Please's 1998 Sports Wrap-Up. We've got 1998 recaps of every major sport from our almanac, as well as all-new lists of the top 10 personalities and moments of the sporting year.

1998 Sports Recaps

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