The Top Ten: Fiction's Wealthiest

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

The Top Ten

Wealthiest Fictional Characters

This list?entirely subjective?bases the wealth of the characters on world events (Daddy Warbucks has clearly benefited from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), the economy (with gas prices reaching record levels, Jed Clampett is sitting pretty atop his reserves of black gold), and trends (Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria, a fictional character who could also be called the King of Spam, clogs the inboxes of millions of real people each day).

RankCharacterSourceNet Worth
1.Scrooge McDuckMining, Treasure Hunting$65.4 billion
2.SmaugMarauding$54.1 billion
3.Carlisle CullenCompound interest, investments$46 billion
4.Tony StarkDefense$12.4 billion
5.Charles Foster KaneMedia$11.2 billion
6.Bruce WayneInheritance, Defense$9.2 billion
7.Richie RichInheritance, Conglomerates$5.8 billion
8.Christian GreyInvestments, manufacturing$2.5 billion
9.Tywin LannisterInheritance$1.8 billion
10.C. Montgomery BurnsEnergy$1.5 billion

Source: Forbes, from their finallist, published July 2013.

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