Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
By: David Hare
Director: Richard Eyre
Sets and Costumes: John Gunter
Lighting: Paul Gallo and Michael Lincoln
Sound: Freya Edwards
Production Stage Manager: Susie Cordon
Technical Supervisor: Gene O'Donovan
Opened: 10/96 at the Royale Theater
Cast: Michael Gambon, Lia Williams and Christian Camargo

A virtually flawless production filled with insights on humanity and lost love. Former lovers Tom (Gambon), a fiftyish, upscale restaurateur and Kyra (Williams), a much younger, devoted, idealistic school teacher, have plenty of unfinished business. Years ago, Kyra was Tom's business associate, his children's babysitter, a close friend of his wife and also his mistress. When Tom's wife discovered the affair, Kyra ended the relationship. Several years later, Tom's son Edward (Camargo) contacts Kyra to tell her about his mother's death and his father's plunge into guilt-ridden grief. The tension is palpable when Tom and Kyra confront one another in her small, chilly apartment. Through conversation and body language the characters alternately reach out and recoil from each other in an awkward dance, rehashing their past and arguing about the future. Superb performances by all.

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