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Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Goddess in the Doorway

  • Virgin

He's already being badgered by reports of slow sales of this disc, but that doesn't means Mick Jagger's latest solo album isn't well worth tracking down.

The Rolling Stones' frontman enlisted some serious comrades for this, his first solo effort in seven years. Pete Townshend, Bono, Lenny Kravitz, Joe Perry, and Rob Thomas are just a few of the A-list players gathered for this set. And while they all help, it's undoubtedly Jagger himself who rises to the top while turning in the best solo album of his career.

Goddess in the Doorway is a collection of first-rate songs, starting with the pop-tinged “Visions of Paradise,” which was penned by Jagger, former Stones guest keyboardist Matt Clifford and Matchbox Twenty's Thomas. It's a killer kick-off for a disc that rarely lets up and rarely lets down the rest of the way.

At 58, Jagger's voice is still remarkably intact. He proves that frequently here, most notably while roaring through the hard-edged lead single “God Gave Me Everything,” which he co-wrote with Kravitz, who also plays guitars, bass, and drums on the track. Jagger even shows a spiritual side on one of the set's most evocative songs, “Joy.” For that blast of thick gospel-fueled funk, he's is joined by guitarist Townshend and U2's Bono, who vamps his way vocally through the electrifying ending.

The big names may bring out the best in Jagger, but he also does just fine on some of the less-star studded selections, like the smooth grooves of “Dancing in the Starlight” and the heart-tugging tale of redemption, “Brand New Set of Rules,” which features backing harmonies from his daughters Elizabeth and Georgia May Jagger.

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