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The Screen Behind the Mirror

  • Virgin

Rumanian composer Michael Cretu, a.k.a. Enigma, scored big in 1991 with the multi-platinum debut MCMXC A.D. and has been attempting to recreate that magic ever since. The Screen Behind the Mirror is his fourth Enigma album, and once again it is a curious mix of spiritual moments of breathtaking beauty and other flights of bombastic pretentiousness. At its best, Cretu captures the sound of the subconscious, from the fluid feel of the faucet dripping in "Traces (Light and Weight)," to the tribal mix of house rhythms and deep echoes in the title track. Yet the layered production techniques quickly wear thin, taking a cut such as "Camera Obscura" so far over the top that it sounds like an Andrew Lloyd-Webber outtake.

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