Chris Cornell

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Euphoria Morning

  • A&M

Instead of sticking to the scorching metal style favored by his former band Soundgarden, Chris Cornell takes on the role of singer/songwriter here on his solo debut. In fact, the album's first single, “Can't Change Me” is a striking surprise of fairly straight ahead pop, full of dynamics and melody.

But while other songs like “Preaching the End of the World” and the Jeff Buckley tribute “Wave Goodbye” follow a similar path, Cornell hasn't gone soft here. His piercing bellow cuts through both the guitar crashing “Mission” and the psychedelic thrash of “Moonchild.” Switching styles even further, he recalls the range and strength of Robert Plant on the piano-based blues standout “When I'm Down.”

As much of a departure as this may be, it's a very impressive first solo offering from one of rock's most compelling voices.

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