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Updated August 28, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Yahoo! remains at the top of the Internet properties list, which includes a site and all of its affiliated pages. The Time Warner Network of sites, which includes AOL, HBO, New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, and Warner Brothers, recently moved into the No. 2 spot ahead of the Google family of web sites.

Total Internet audience 178,079
1.Yahoo! sites131,392
2.Time Warner Network124,443
3.Google Sites119,640
4.Microsoft Sites115,605
5.Fox Interactive Media80,789
7.Wikipedia Sites49,632
8.Amazon Sites48,914
9.Ask Network47,926
10.New York Times Digital 43,127
11.Weather Channel, The39,555
12.Viacom Digital39,514
13.Apple Inc.39,789
14.CNET Networks30,789
15.Adobe Sites29,477
16.Gorilla Nation28,573
19.Target Corporation25,064
NOTE: Audience: All persons at U.S. home/work/college/university locations.
1. Unique visitors over one-month period, April 2007.
Source: comScore Media Metrix (comScore Media Metrix is a division of comScore Networks, Inc.).
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