Different People Use the Internet in Different Ways

Updated August 28, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Men are more likely than women to do these activities onlineOnline menOnline women
Get news77%66%
Buy travel services or make reservation6051
Check sports scores and information5927
Get political news5742
Participate in online auction2818
Create content for the internet2516
Download music files1811
Buy/sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds169
Women are more likely than men to do these activities onlineOnline womenOnline men
Get health information8575
Get spiritual and religious information7356
Use support-group Web sites6346
Online whites are more likely than minorities to do these activitiesOnline whitesOnline minorities
Buy a product6353
Participate in online auction2416
African-Americans are more likely than whites to do these activities onlineOnline blacksOnline whites
Do research for school or job training7158
Look for information about a new job6138
Listen to music online4630
Download music files2513
Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanic whites to do these activities onlineOnline HispanicsOnline whites
Look for new job information6138
Listen to music online4630
Young internet users (ages 18-29) are more likely than others to do these activities onlineYoung internet usersThose 30+
Research for school or job training7648
Look for new job information6531
Use instant messaging5933
Listen to music online5327
Look up sports scores and information5137
Look for information about a place to live4327
Download music files2811
Share files from my computer2717
Log on using a wireless device2613
Using dating Web sites165
Online seniors (65+) are more likely than young internet users to do this onlineOnline seniorsThose 18–29
Use email9691
Online middle-aged (30–64) are more likely than the young or seniors to do this onlineOnline middle-agedYounger and older internet users
Research a product or service8171
Look for health and medical information7057
Do work-related research5638
Source: Pew Internet Project surveys 2004.

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