Father's Day

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Father's Day - Father and Sons in a parkHistories, stories, and fun facts to share with Dad

The Origins of Father's Day

Exploring the history of Father's Day

Father's Day Timeline

A century of celebrating dads

2,000 Years of the Necktie

The history of America's favorite Father's Day gift

Fathers by the Numbers

Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau

Paternal Instinct

Father-Son and Father-Daughter Athletes

Athletes following in their fathers' footsteps

And Baby Makes 300?

Prolific fathers provide new twist to "all in the family"

Father Grows Up

The ever-changing father figure in sitcoms

Animal Dads

Fathers from all walks of life care for their children in different ways

Father's Day Fun

"Fathers" Around the World

A Father's Day Word Search

Father's Day Quotes

Memorable quotes from Homer to Frost

Famous Fathers Quiz

John Voight is the father of which Oscar-winning actress?

Fathers Day Quiz

Who were the "Founding Fathers"?

Necktie Quiz

How did the tuxedo get its name?

Celebrating Dads!

Family activities from FamilyEducation.com

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