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Director:Daisy V.S. Mayer
Writer:David C. Johnson
Director of Photography:Jean Lepine
Editors:Nicholas Eliopoulos and Janice Hampton
Music:Michel Colombier
Production Designer:Ina Mayhew
Producers:Beth Hubbard and Michael Hubbard
New Line; R; 80 minutes
Cast:Jada Pinkett Smith, Tommy Davidson, Girlina, Dave Chappelle, Paula Jai Parker, LL Cool J, Darrel M. Heath, Michael Ralph and Duane Martin

Pinkett Smith stars as a gorgeous and goofy woman named Woo in this silly romantic comedy about meeting Mr. Right. On a tip from her astrologer (Girlina), Woo believes her next blind date will be the man of her dreams. But when that blind date turns out to be Tim (Davidson), a cute, but nerdy legal secretary, Woo isn't so sure.

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