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Director:Jon Shear
Writers:Jon Shear and Daniel Reitz
Unapix Films; R 103 minutes
Cast:Dan Futterman, Alan Cumming, Matt Keeslar

Charlie (Dan Futterman) spends a strange night in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. His gay lover has been the victim of a hate crime; ravaged Charlie is out for revenge. He eases himself into the deed via a series of unsettling encounters with strangers, each involving an urban legend of some sort. Emotions are laid bare and manipulated, snowballing into a visceral experience for all involved. The evening deepens with menace and intelligence as Charlie's threatening myth edges closer to reality. Bold, enticing, and uncompromising, Urbania is one of those rare movie that earns its title of independent

Urbania and Urban Legends: The Final Cut both weave urban myths (such as the person who wakes up after a night of partying to find a kidney removed) into their fabric, but couldn't be further apart from one another. This edgy and surreal film forms the perfect antidote to Hollywood's pulpy version.

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