Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Directors: Anne Belle and Deborah Dickson
Directors of Photography:Don Lenzer, Tom Hurwitz and Wolfgang Held
Editor:Deborah Dickson
Producers:Anne Belle and Catherine Tambini
NR; 115 minutes
Cast:Suzanne Farrell, Jacques d'Amboise, Maria Calegari, Arthur Mitchell, Helene Alexopoulos, Paul Mejia, Maurice Béjart, Isabelle Guerin, Susan Jaffe, Peter Boal and Marie-Christine Mouis

Elusive Muse is a telling portrait of an ethereal dancer and her mentor (and more) George Balanchine. Farrell inspired Balanchine to create some of his most breathtaking ballets, including Diamonds and Mozartiana. The film follows their collaboration from Farrell's early days with Balanchine's New York City Ballet to their split in 1970 when she married dancer Paul Mejia to their 1975 reununion. Interviews with dancers and choreographers unveil how Balanchine worked, and Farrell reveals some hard truths about their relationship. An insightful film for those interested in creativity and the arts, not only dance enthusiasts.

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