The Substance of Fire

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Director:Daniel Sullivan
Writer:Jon Robin Baitz
Director of Photography: Robert Yeoman
Editor: Pamela Martin
Music: Joseph Vitarelli
Production Designer:John Lee Beatty
Producers: Jon Robin Baitz, Randy Finch and Ron Kastner
Miramax; R; 100 minutes
Release: 12/96
Cast: Ron Rifkin, Tony Goldwyn, Timothy Hutton and Sarah Jessica Parker
Based on the play by Jon Robin Baitz

A chronicle of the destruction of a family at the hands of a rigid, autocratic patriarch. Tyrannical publisher Isaac Geldhart (Rifkin) is so obsessed with literary merit that he refuses to publish Rising Tide, dismissing the novel as ?slicko hipster fiction,? even though the book would likely save his company from bankruptcy. He is similarly severe with his children, Aaron (Goldwyn), Martin (Hutton) and Sarah (Parker), all victims of their domineering father. Fed up with his contempt and out for revenge, they take over the family business and publish the book. A thoughtful meditation on family values.

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