Six Days, Seven Nights

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Ivan Reitman
Writer:Michael Browning
Director of Photography:Michael Chapman
Editors:Sheldon Kahn and Wendy Greene Bricmont
Music:Randy Edelman
Production Designer:J. Michael Riva
Producers:Ivan Reitman, Wallis Nicita and Roger Birnbaum
Touchstone Pictures; PG-13; 146 minutes
Cast:Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Jacqueline Obradors, Temuera Morrison and Allison Janney

For all those concerned about Anne Heche's credibility, she can play a convincing heterosexual. There was lots of speculation last year after she came out as Ellen DeGeneres's girlfriend that she wouldn't be believable as the love interest of a man. Indeed, Heche and Ford have chemistry, but that's about all that Six Days, Seven Nights has going for it. The weak script and thin plot make one wish DeGeneres would appear to liven things up a bit. Dolty Frank Martin (Schwimmer) surprises his workaholic girlfriend, Robin Monroe (Heche) with a vacation in a tropical paradise. Chicly dishevelled Quinn Harris (Ford) transports them there in his decrepit cargo plane. They barely order their first margarita when Robin's boss phones her from the states and sends her on an urgent assignment in Tahiti. Lo and behold, she'll need Quinn's services once again, but this time the plane proves as unreliable as it looks. It doesn't take long for sparks to fly. The requisite action-adventure subplot has the lovebirds outrunning, outclimbing and outflexing a band of pirates. Meanwhile, back at the resort, Frank is having a grand-old-time with Quinn's buxom girlfriend (Obradors). Pure summer entertainment.

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