A Single Girl

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Director: Benoit Jacquot
Writers: Benoit Jacquot and Jerome Beaujour
Director of Photography: Caroline Champetier
Editor: Pascale Chavance
Producer:Philippe Carcassonne
Strand Releasing; NR; 90 minutes
Release: 10/96
Cast:Virginie Ledoyen, Benoit Magimel, Dominique Valadie and Vera Briole
In French with English subtitles

A superbly acted film that perfectly captures the spirit of youth and beauty. Filmed in real time often with a hand-held camera, A Single Girl follows 19-year-old Valérie (Ledoyen) as she grapples with a life decision. On her way to a new job as a room-service waitress at a swank hotel, she tells her boyfriend, Rémi (Magimel), that she's pregnant. His sullen reaction causes Valérie to question their relationship, and she tells him she's having the child with or without his support. Her day doesn't get much better at work, as she's sexually assaulted, accused of vomiting in a guest's room and treated with icy suspicion by her co-workers. French New Wave '90s style.

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