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Director:Penelope Spheeris
Writers:Greg Erb and Craig Mazin
Director of Photography:Daryn Okada
Editor:Ross Albert
Production Designer:Peter Jamison
Producer:David Hoberman
Dimension Films; R; 88 minutes
Cast:Marlon Wayans, David Spade, Matthew Lillard, Tamara Taylor, Rip Torn and Brad Dourif

Senseless is a showcase for the Jim Carrey-esque physical comedy of Marlon Wayans, lesser-known brother of Kennen Ivory. As a hired guinea pig for research on a sensory-enhancing drug, Wayans' delivers rubberface contortions in one gastronomical delight or olfactory horror after the next. Problem is, the slapstick just isn't original and Wayans just isn't, well, Jim Carrey.

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