See Spot Run

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:John Whitesell
Writers:George Gallo, Dan Baron, Chris Faber
Warner Bros.; PG; 100 minutes
Cast:David Arquette, Michael Clark Duncan, Leslie Bibb

David Arquette pairs up with a child actor and Bob the bulldog in See Spot Run. This isn't a family movie with obligatory cuteness, reassuring values, and jokes smuggled in for the parents. No, this is a kids movie, where dog mess takes precedence over cute. The storyline features a well-trained crime-fighting pooch named Spot and an utterly irresponsible mailman (Arquette) named Gordon. The human must successfully guard the dog from mobsters and take care of his neighbor's little kid for the movie's duration. Gordon grins and overacts. He breakdances. He steps in Spot's spots and trashes an animal shop. Patiently awaiting a serious Hollywood role, Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile's magic black giant) turns up as Spot's faithful trainer.See Spot Run feels hastily made, as if its creators mistook slapdash for slapstick.

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