Road Trip

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer:Todd Phillips
DreamWorks; R; 97 minutes
Cast:Amy Smart, Breckin Meyer, Tom Green

Road Trip is the summer bad taste laff fest, inspired by the canny dementia of There's Something About Mary. It's almost as yucky as American Pie, but twists the hackneyed plot into something slightly fresher.

The story follows Josh (Breckin Meyer) and his college buddies as they drive across the country to intercept an incriminating porn video sent to his faithful girlfriend (Rachel Blanchard). Beth (Amy Smart), who co-starred in the video alongside Josh, decides to confess to the girlfriend so she can keep him for herself. Like the Farrelly Brothers, absurd moments of sex and drug humor and basely surreal slapstick spike the script. The road trip scenario allows for a maximum of goofy interludes without necessarily sacrificing plot consistency. In a genre that strives to be guffawingly bad, Road Trip is pointedly indecent, but OK nevertheless.

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