For Richer or Poorer

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writers: Jana Howington and Steve Lukanic
Director of Photography:Buzz Feitshans IV
Editor:Russell Denove
Music:Randy Edelman
Production Designer:Stephen Hendrickson
Producers:Sid, Bill and Jon Sheinberg
Universal; PG-13; 122 minutes
Cast:Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Jay O. Sanders, Michael Lerner, Wayne Knight, Marla Maples and Larry Miller

Enduring Alley in her annoyingly predictable, insipid sitcom Veronica's Closet while waiting for ER is painful enough. Thankfully, it's only a half hour. Sitting through an annoyingly predictable, insipid two-hour romantic comedy is agony. After their embezzling accountant (Knight) turns them in to the IRS, bickering nouveau riche couple Brad (Allen) and Caroline (Alley) Sexton take refuge in Amish country. A familiar series of farm jokes follows, with Caroline falling in the mud in a pig sty and Brad having a run-in with a workhorse. Though it probably doesn't need to be said, the city folk teach the country folk a little about modern life, and the country folk teach the city folk about love.

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