Price of Glory

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Carlos Avila
Writer:Phil Berger
New Line Cinema PG-13; 100 minutes
Cast:Jimmy Smits, Jon Seda, Clifton Collins, Jr., Maria Del Mar

Jimmy Smits stars in Price of Glory, a Mexican-American boxing drama whose actorly pluck overcomes its plotted storyline. Arturo (Smits) is a talented boxer who had his dreams cut short. As a result, he's cracked down on his three sons, pushing them into the ring against their best wishes. Sonny (Jon Seda) wants a family, Jimmy (Clifton Collins Jr.) is the overlooked middle child, and the youngest (Ernesto Hernandez) is gifted with real talent.

Between slamming action scenes, Price of Glory follows the psychological toll of Arturo's pressure on his entire family. Desperate for success, he thrusts his sons and wife (Maria Del Mar) away from him with destructive results. The acting of Smits and Seda helps to steer the story into believability.

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