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Director/Writer: Jacques Doillon
Director of Photography:Caroline Champetier
Editor:Jacqueline Fano
Music:Philippe Sarde
Production Designer:Henri Berthon
Producer:Alain Sarde
Arrow Releasing; NR; 92 minutes
Cast:Victoire Thivisol, Xavier Beauvois, Claire Nebout, Matiaz Bureau, Delphine Schiltz and Marie Trintignant
In French with English subtitles

Heartbreaking, raw emotion from the soul of an anguished 4-year-old girl. When the child's mother dies in a car accident, Ponette's (Thivisol) father takes the disbelieving girl to live with an aunt and two young cousins. Ponette enters the world of her two cousins, Matthias (Bureau) and Delphine (Schiltz), and though she never doubts her mother will return someday, she heals and grows. Doillon does a remarkable job of capturing the purity and innocence of children.

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