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Director:John Roberts
Writer:Laurie Craig
Director of Photography:Tony Pierce-Roberts
Editor:Bruce Cannon
Music:John Debney
Production Designer:Dennis Washington
Producers:Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn and Allison Lyon Segan
DreamWorks SKG; PG; 92 minutes
Cast:Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Bruce Davison, Jay Mohr, Buddy Hackett and Hallie Kate Eisenberg

Steven Spielberg's dream team finally comes through with this outing. A feisty talking parrot named Paulie (Mohr's voice) flies the coop to find his long-lost former owner, Marie, a young girl (Eisenberg) whom Paulie cured of stuttering. Along the way, Paulie encounters a pawn shop proprietor (Hackett), a widow (Rowlands), a burrito stand owner (Marin) and a cat burglar (Mohr). An imaginative story and delightful performances (both bird and human) make Paulie welcome entertainment for kids and parents.

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