Neil Simon's The Odd Couple II

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Howard Deutch
Writer:Neil Simon
Director of Photography:Jamie Anderson
Editor:Seth Flaum
Music:Alan Silvestri
Production Designer:Dan Bishop
Producers:Robert W. Cort, David Madden and Neil Simon
Paramount Pictures; PG-13; 90 minutes
Cast:Jack Lemmon, Walther Matthau, Christine Baranski, Barnard Hughes, Jonathan Silverman, Jean Smart, Lisa Waltz, Mary Beth Peil, Doris Belack, Ellen Geer, Jay O. Sanders and Rex Linn

The Odd Couple II may have been penned by the prequel's original playwright, but it's got nothing on the '70s TV sitcom. Simon's tired jokes fail to revive the love-hate magic of Oscar (Matthau) and Felix (Lemmon) in this geriatric remake of the classic buddy story. The two over-the-hill friends are reunited by in-lawhood and meet with numerous roadside disasters en route to their kids' wedding.

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