A Mongolian Tale

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Xie Fei
Writer: Zhang Chengzhi
Director of Photography:Fu Jingsheng
Editors:Xie Fei and Zhao Xiuqin
Music:Mr. Tengger
Producers:Ma Fung-kwok and Wellington Fung
New Yorker Films; NR; 104 minutes
Cast:Mr. Tengger, Miss Naranhua and Miss Dalarsurong

A tranquil, primitive story whose environment plays as important a role as its characters. Set in the Mongolian steppes, two young children, Beiyinpalica (Tengger) and Someyer (Naranhua), spend their childhood with a kind, wise grandmother (Dalarsurong). As dictated by society, men live adventurous lives and women are caretakers. Beiyinpalica's father insists the boy leave his idyllic home for veterinary school in the city. When he returns to his sweetheart, he finds things are not as they once were.

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