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Director:Thomas Carter
Writer:Randy Feldman
Director of Photography:Fred Murphy
Editor:Peter E. Berger
Music:Steve Porcaro
Production Designer:William Elliott
Producer:Roger Birnbaum
Touchstone; R; 117 minutes
Cast:Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Michael Wincott and Carmen Ejogo

The Nutty Professor looked as if it had resurrected Murphy's foundering career, but Metro may have sunk him once and for all. Assigned to teach rookie Kevin McCall (Rapaport) the art of hostage negotiation, San Francisco cop Scott Roper (Murphy) reluctantly takes his student on as partner when a fellow cop is killed by a deranged jewel thief (Wincott). Many seen-them-all-before chases follow, none of which offers an iota of decent action or comedy. The obligatory romantic subplot involves Roper and his beautiful girlfriend (Ejogo), who is about to leave him for a professional athlete.

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