Love Walked In

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Juan J. Campanella
WritersJuan J. Campanella, Lynn Geller and Larry Golin
Director of Photography:Daniel Shulman
Editor:Darren Kloomok
Music:Wendy Blackstone
Production Designer:Michael Shaw
Producer:Ricardo Freixa
TriStar Pictures; R; 90 minutes
Cast:Denis Leary, Terence Stamp, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, Moira Kelly and Michael Badalucco
Based on the novel by Jos Pablo Feinmann

Campanella's flop of a film noir stars Leary as Jack, a frustrated crime novelist, who is trapped in an interminable Long Island lounge gig with his chanteuse wife, Vicki (Sanchez-Gijon). When Vicki catches the eye of the bar's wealthy owner, Eddie (Stamp), it looks like the two might get their big break. Not because Eddie can make them stars, but because his wife (Kelly) is paying big bucks to catch her cheating husband with his pants down. Jack makes a deal with the private-eye (Badalucco) who is trailing Eddie to split the money if Vicki can seduce him. How far will Vicki go in order to get the requisite revealing photos? Will you still be awake at the end of Campanella's snoozer to find out?