Junk Mail

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Pl Sletaune
Writers:Jonny Halberg and Pl Sletaune
Director of Photography:Kjell Vassdal
Editor:Pl Gengenbach
Music:Joachim Holbek
Producers:Petter Boe and Dag Nordahl
Lions Gate; R; 83 minutes
Cast:Robert Skjrstad, Andrine Sther, Per Egil Aske and Eli Anne Linnestad

Norwegian filmmaker Sletuane won the International Critics Week prize at 1997's Cannes Film Festival for this gritty comedy about a pilfering postal worker named Roy (Skjrstad) who nabs other people's mail and reads it in his spare time. Roy soon develops other bad habits, including spying on a pretty young eccentric (Sther) and stealing money, that find him shedding his loner existence for a new identity as a lawbreaker.

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