How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Writers:Terry McMillan and Ron Bass
Twentieth Century Fox; R; 99 minutes
Cast:Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, Regina King, Whoopi Goldberg, Suzzanne Douglas and Michael J. Pagan
Based on the novel by Terry McMillan

Goodness, Angela Bassett looks fine, especially in the slow-motion running scenes. It's no wonder she lands a hot number half her age. Stella (Bassett) lives a charmed life. She's an investment analyst who drives a shiny Bmer, lives in luxurious digs outside San Francisco and has a personal trainer who has whipped her into phenomenal shape. But she misses the thrill of a relationship. When her 11-year-old son goes on vacation with his father, Stella steals away to a Jamaican resort and finds love with 20-year-old Winston (Diggs). Whoopi Goldberg as Stella's best friend often upstages Bassett.

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