The House of Yes

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer: Mark Waters
Director of Photography:Michael Spiller
Editor:Pamela Martin
Music:Rolfe Kent
Production Designer:Patrick Sherman
Producers:Beau Flynn and Stefan Simchowitz
Miramax; R; 87 minutes
Cast:Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Genevieve Bujold, Rachael Leigh Cook and David Love
Based on the play by Wendy MacLeod

Skeletons in the closet can't begin to describe what lurks behind closed doors at the well-appointed Pascal mansion. A cozy Thanksgiving with the family brings out the darkest secrets when Marty Pascal (Hamilton) brings home his fiancée, Lesly (Spelling). Things have never been quite right since the Pascal patriarch left home on November 22, 1963 — the same day John F. Kennedy, Jr. was assassinated. And the mental stability of Marty's twin, sociopathic Jackie-O (Posey), who's obsessed with the former first lady, could crack at any time and erupt into a violent outburst, which explains why her mother (Bujold) has hidden the carving knives. Mrs. Pascal explains to Lesly that Jackie was holding her brother's penis when they were born, and she never seemed to have kicked the habit. In an attempt to seduce Lesly, younger brother Anthony (Prinze, Jr.) lets the cat out of the bag about the incestuous relationship. This is billed as a screwball comedy, and believe it or not, it works.

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