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DirectorStephen Gyllenhaal
WritersStephen Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Kazan and Jonah Raskin
Director of Photography:Greg Gardiner
Editor:Michael Jablow
Music:Paul Linford and Trevor Rabin
Production Designer:Richard Sherman
Producer:Jason Clark
Sony Pictures Entertainment; R; 95 minutes
Cast:Hank Azaria, Billy Bob Thorton, Kelly Lynch, John Bon Jovi, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ted Danson, John Lithgow, Ryan Phillippe, Judge Reinhold and Jon Tenney
Based on a story by Jonah Raskin and Stephen Gyllenhaal

When a marijuana grower (Lithgow) is murdered, the goofball hired hands take over the farm. Thorton, Azaria and Phillippe lead the operation in this half-baked comedy. Gyllenhaal lined up a first-rate cast, including Lynch as the love interest, Danson as a mobster, and Curtis as a hippie mom, but gave them nothing but dopey one-liners.

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