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Director: Chris Kentis
Writers: Laura Lau and Chris Kentis
Director of Photography:Stephen Kazmierski
Music:Brian Kelly
Production Designer:Therese Deprez
Producer:Laura Lau
Castle Hill; NR; 96 minutes
Cast:Billy Crudup, Adrienne Shelley, Paul Schulze and Frank Vincent

Kentis is right on the money in capturing a New Jersey blue-collar family desperate to break free from a dismal future of factory work, but the film eventually slides into soap-opera melodrama. Just out of prison, grease monkey Eddie (Crudup) looks to his brother, Terry (Schulze), for a place to stay and a job. Terry also brings Eddie into an insurance scam. Eddie works the night shift so he can work on his car during the day. He also uses the time to screw Terry's glum wife (Shelley). So much for brotherly love.

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