Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Andy Tennant
Writers:Susannah Grant, Andy Tennant and Rick Parks
Director of Photography:Andrew Dunn
Editor:Roger Bondelli
Music:George Fenton
Production Designer:Michael Howells
Producers:Mireille Soria and Tracey Trench
20th Century Fox; PG-13; 121 minutes
Cast:Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott, Patrick Godrey, Megan Dodds, Melanie Lynskey, Timothy West and Judy Parfitt

This Cinderella story stars Barrymore as the girl who fits the proverbial glass slipper. A period piece with a modern-day sensibility, Tennant's interpretation has lots of spunk but a sloppy storyline. Still, the production is gorgeous and Barrymore is enchanting. Up-and-comer Dougray Scott is the oh-so-progressive Prince Charming who loves Cinderella for her beauty and her brains. No pumpkins or mice in this version, but there are cruel stepsisters (Dodds and Lynsky), an evil stepmother (Huston), and ? in an clever twist ? Leonardo da Vinci (Godfrey) as the fairy godfather.

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