Different for Girls

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Richard Spence
Writer: Tony Marchant
Director of Photography:Sean Van Hales
Editor:David Gamble
Music:Stephen Warbeck
Production Designer:Grenville Horner
Producer:John Chapman
First Look Pictures; R; 101 minutes
Cast:Steven Mackintosh, Rupert Graves, Neil Dudgeon and Saskia Reeves

Despite a heartfelt, sharply observed performance from Mackintosh, Different for Girls stumbles over a tried and tested plot, even with the gender-bending twist. Priggish Kim (Mackintosh) née Karl is insecure with her transsexuality and desperately wants to blend in with society. When a car accident reunites her with old school chum Paul Prentice (Graves), she denies ever knowing the rowdy motorcycle messenger, but Paul hasn't forgotten the face. Paul finds himself attracted to Kim, though he's troubled by his feelings. After a series of nearly disastrous outings, they develop a mutual attraction, though neither can come to terms with their doubt. The film carefully explores the emotional and physical aspects of transsexualism.

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