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Director:Reb Braddock
Writers:John Maass and Reb Braddock
Director of Photography:Steven Bernstein
Editor:Mallory Gotlieb
Music:Joseph Julian Gonzalez
Production Designer:Sherman Williams
Producers:John Maass and Raul Puig
Miramax; R; 94 minutes
Cast:William Baldwin, Angela Jones, Bruce Ramsay, Barry Corbin and Mel Gorham

It's no big surprise that Quentin Tarantino had a hand in this film-school quality, black comedy as executive producer. Since she was a child living in Colombia, Gabriela (Jones) has been obsessed with gory murders. It's a perfect fit when she accepts a job in Miami, a city that witnesses 50,000 violent crimes annually, with the Post-Forensic Cleaning Service. The timing is perfect because the Blue Blood Killer (Baldwin) is taking the city by storm, stabbing and decapitating rich women. When Gabriela stumbles upon a clue the Killer carelessly left behind, she learns his identity and uses it as an opportunity to get to know a murderer.

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