Christian McBride/Nicholas Payton/Mark Whitfield

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Fingerpaintings: The Music of Herbie Hancock

  • Verve

Though many of Hancock's classic compositions were first popularized by quintets and sextets during the 1960s, this trio of jazz virtuosos makes up for any absence of instruments. Bassist McBride, trumpeter Payton, and guitarist Whitfield trade stellar solos, all the while maintaining a tight, cohesive sound. On tracks like “Driftin'” or “The Kiss” (from the film Blow-Up), they create fruitful interplays (especially between McBride and Payton). Several tracks are excessively “funky” and overdone, but on the whole, these three succeed in paying tribute to one of their musical forebears.

J. Andrew Todd

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